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Registration at the Edith-Stein-Realschule Lippstadt

Dear Parents,

I am pleased that you are interested in registering your child at the Edith Stein Realschule Lippstadt.

You can register your child with us in the period from 02/11/2022 to 03/10/2022. You can download the registration form here. Please note that we are not allowed to accept registrations before February 11th, 2022.

Please fill out the form legibly and completely. Pay attention to the fields marked with an asterisk. Please send the completed form and the necessary additional documents (six-month report from class 4, registration form, birth certificate, vaccination card) by email to anmeldung@es-rs.de.

You can also send us all documents by post to

Dusternweg 18
59557 Lippstadt

or drop an envelope in our mailbox (to the right of the main entrance door).

Please note: The registration form ist only available in German. The page content further down equals to the content in the form.

I would like to give you some information:

  • This year the registration takes place online. That means you don’t have to come to school to enroll your child.
  • Please send us all documents online. Use the address anmeldung@es-rs.de.
  • Please fill out all the documents on the application form completely and legibly. Please do not forget the signatures (registration, possibly bilingual class, choice of religious instruction, application for payment of student travel costs, infection protection, explanation IServ, explanation photo, explanation of class list)
  • We also need scans / photos of the following documents from you:
    • Semi-annual report of class 4
    • Registration slip (issued by the primary school) including recommendation of the school type
    • Birth certificate or a corresponding extract from the family register
    • Vaccination card (proof of vaccination against measles)
  • Particularly important fields are marked with an asterisk.

The Edith Stein Realschule is a school with a bilingual branch. Please read the information below on this page.

The registration slip may only be used to register at ONE secondary school. Simultaneous registration at two or more schools is not permitted. After completing the registration process, we need the original.

With best regards

Steffen Pauli


Bilingual branch

Bilingualism is generally understood to mean growing up, upbringing or training people in two languages ​​with equal rights.
In the school area, bilingualism means the use of a foreign language learned outside of the actual language class. In the case of the Edith Stein Realschule, this refers to the subjects geography and history.
From grade 7 geography is taught in English. In the 8th grade, history is added. Both German and English are used to convey important content. In the subject subjects, mainly professional performance is assessed.

A practical example from class can be found here (in German language).

The bilingual class should also be introduced to the foreign language in a special way outside of class. This includes visits to plays in English as well as the opportunity to take the final trip to London. This also includes participation in relevant competitions, e.g. the international BIG CHALLENGE.


  • significantly better language skills
  • very good career opportunities
  • easy transition to secondary schools, e.g. upper secondary school

Pupils who have successfully completed the bilingual branch will receive this additional qualification shown on the final certificate.
It means a great advantage over competitors on the training market and offers ideal opportunities for teaching at secondary schools, such as B. the advanced course English at the grammar school.

Good to very good grades in English are a prerequisite for participation in bilingual classes.

If you are interested, please fill out the relevant part of the registration form. If you need further advice, please contact me at steffen.pauli@es-rs.de.




Basketball is more than baggy pants and cool dribbling tricks. The team-oriented sport promotes self-confidence and a sense of community and burns a lot of calories on top of that. The focus is on jumping ability, quick reactions and skill. The basic idea behind establishing a focus on basketball at the Edith Stein School is as follows:

There are already two main areas that have sharpened the school profile over the last few years. One focus is the bili training in each year, which is increasingly promoted in English from grade 5 onwards.
There is also a focus on PC training, which can be found in additional teaching units in which all students at the school are specially trained in common programs.
The school therefore has a linguistic and a media focus.

In order to guarantee a varied offer for the students, a sporting focus is still missing. Hence the idea of ​​setting up a basketball focus, which first appears primarily in the working group lessons.
These compulsory elective working groups should form the basis for the basketball focus. The focus is on these essential goals:

  • Team building and the associated social training through heterogeneous cooperation among the AG participants
  • Regular participation in the school sports basketball competition
  • Training to become sports helpers as part of the sports helper program at the school
  • Individual support in cooperation with the local association LTV Lippstadt
  • Regular visits (1x per HJ) to games of the LTV or the Paderborn Baskets
  • Use of sports assistants / pupils / basketball coaches in primary school groups with the aim of bringing primary school students interested in basketball directly to the Edith Stein School


Grade 5/6:

  • Acquiring basic techniques
  • Free play in attack
  • General coordination training
  • Participation in school tournaments

Grade 7/8:

  • Broad technical basic training
  • The first attack is always the fast break
  • Otherwise position attack without fixed positions
  • Face-to-face defense
  • Expansion of the technical repertoire
  • Individual tactical orientation 1: 1
  • Participation in school tournaments

Grade 9/10:

  • Further development of the litter
  • Position attack 1: 1 with follow-up movements
  • Cut movements (give and go)
  • All players play all positions
  • Pick and roll entry
  • Participation in school competitions

If you are interested, please fill out the relevant part of the registration form. If you need further advice, please contact us at dominik.kleinschmidt@es-rs.de.


Participation in religion or philosophy classes

The Edith-Stein-Realschule offers three courses in the field of religious studies / practical philosophy:

  • Protestant religious instruction
  • Catholic religious instruction
  • Lessons in practical philosophy

The denomination-oriented religious education is a regular subject that is also graded. Schoolchildren who do not take part in religious education are required to take part in the practical philosophy subject, which is also graded.

Please tick the appropriate course for your child on the registration form.


Application for payment of student travel costs

As a rule, the school authority is entitled to the assumption of school travel costs if the shortest way to school (walking distance) is more than 3.5 km in the one-way distance for secondary school students (grades 5 – 10).

For pupils who do not attend the nearest school of the chosen type of school (Hauptschule, Realschule, Gesamtschulen or Gymnasien), only the travel costs that would be incurred to the nearest school will be reimbursed.

In addition, for health reasons that significantly affect the way to school, not only temporarily, the school travel costs can be covered. Here, however, the legislature and case law have set extremely narrow limits. If necessary, please discuss this in advance with the school department on the telephone number given below so that any necessary (official medical) examinations can be arranged from here in good time before the start of the summer vacation and you and your child have clarity for the upcoming school year at an early stage.

Part of the registration form is the application to cover the school travel costs. If any of the above conditions apply to your child, please complete the application.


German Infection Protection Act

If your child has an infectious disease and then goes to the school they are about to be admitted to, they can infect other students, teachers or other people working in the school. In addition, children in particular are weakened during an infectious disease and there can still be secondary diseases (possibly with complications).

In order to prevent this, we would like to use a leaflet to inform you about your duties, behavior and the usual procedure as provided for in the Infection Protection Act (IfSG). In this context, you should know that infectious diseases usually have nothing to do with a lack of cleanliness or carelessness.

We therefore always ask for openness and trusting cooperation.

You will find further information on this in the registration form. Please sign the instruction on infection protection.


Terms of use for IServ

The school makes IServ available to its students as a communication and exchange platform. IServ is used exclusively for school communication and enables all users to save and exchange school-related data. All users undertake to respect the rights of other people.

So that use is possible, please sign the user agreement.


Consent to the use of photos

As part of school events, we take pictures and / or videos of your child for publication

  • on the homepage
  • in (print) publications
  • on the facebook page

The photos and / or videos are for public relations only. They show pictures of smaller or larger groups of students. We only publish single images in exceptional cases (e.g. if your child has won a school competition).

We need your signature on the registration form so that we can publish your child’s pictures and videos.


Consent to the publication of a class list

To facilitate school operations, it is helpful if a telephone list is created in each class so that, if necessary, certain information can be passed on between parents by means of a telephone chain / e-mail distribution list. Many parents would also like such a list so that they can contact the parents of their classmates quickly and easily.

To create such a list, containing

  • name, first name of your child
  • date of birth
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address

and is intended to be passed on to all parents of the pupils belonging to the class, we need your consent.

Please sign the part of the registration form provided for this purpose.

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